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Welcome to Dilbariy

Committed to Happiness 

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What surrounds me?

Here’s What I'm surrounded by

Interesting uni life. We study in a big university with lots of students and background. Walking through various classrooms gives us chances to socialize and get acquaintance with several students per day. Even if sometimes territorial culture and dialect create small barriers we are all family.

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What is special about us so far?

Here For You

In our uni all the time we will welcome people belonging to various groups of people, no matter age, nationality, exterior as long as they hold strong passion for what we can share!

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Who am I?

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As an UNITED Exchange scholar.

Chasing dreams to be a good future leader.

From 15-june to 8-july of 2023 I have been a part of United States and Uzbekistan Networking Programm in which got a chance to enrich my mind with various ideas and facts in terms of government, leadership, career development and in many other aspects. Both people and viewpoints were different than what I expected (positively). No pressure, No culture-shock. Just everlasting friendship, love and network.

Picking Up Trash On Riverside

What else?

Happy Plogger

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Volunteering life 

As a part of society and a responsible citizen I always try to do something useful by volunteering. All I want is to help making the earth better place to live in)


Our Services

Here’s What We Provide

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Women health and self-defence ambassador

I have been trained to keep myself and my community fit and self depended by specific professionals in international program organized by the US embassy in Tashkent. So u feel weak, time to feel POWERFUL!


Our Services

Widening knowledge and experience in DiffusionX Fundamentals Conference

DiffusionX Fundamentals Conference which was held on 6-8 September, was a chance to discover new networking in the very moment of cross-cultural knowledge exchange. During the event each scholar's work analysed critically enabling audience to approach to an idea in an multi-aspects ranging from history, philosophy, economics, politics and sociology.

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Towards Professional Development 

Even if I am a freshman to the world of professionalism, I feel willing to help with anything in terms of academic growth in an area of my capability. So if you feel weak, and dubious about your power, just connect with me! Cooperation is power!


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